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Wellness Coordinator & Weight Loss Consultant


To start with, I lost my father in his 40s, to a heart attack. I walked into our clinic as a client, in my 40s, with all the same health concerns he had. I was medicated for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, medically obese and on the same path as my father.

I did our program and now I am no longer medicated and have maintained a healthy weight since. After doing what felt like was every diet on the planet, I had finally found what worked for me – It was realistic, doable and sustainable.

After finishing the program, I came to work here, because I believe in what we do. I am better for knowing Glenda and all of my coworkers. Our objective, is healthy weight loss, which is life-changing. I’m proud to be a part of Professional Weight Management’s team.

My other duties here are, I am the Wellness Cordinator, and I have the privilege of going into companies and doing nutritional education, as well as some on site medical testing. I’m also the director of our social media.

“If Weight Loss were easy, everyone would be skinny, and they are not.” Having fought the fight myself, I understand the challenge this process can be and how important education, accountability and weekly support can be.

It is personally rewarding to me, to see people get healthy, to extend their life, and to do it the right way.