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Santa Has A Weight Loss Bag

Oh, the temptations of the holidays!

Santa Has A Weight Loss Bag


Oh, the temptations of the holidays!  The average person can gain 7 to 10 pounds during the holidays, but with a little planning you can beat the odds.  And this month’s newsletter gives you some tools to not only survive Christmas and New Years, but to truly have a fabulous holiday season.

This month we bring you a guide to holiday-proofing your diet plan, suggestions for the perfect Christmas gift, a recipe for healthy dip, and a Buy 3/Get 1 coupon for Professional Weight Management’s healthy and tasty high-protein cookies and chips.

Merry Christmas. And when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for your call.

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Holiday Survival Kit

The holidays are filled with landmines ready to blow-up your diet, but you can survive with these tips: Read More

Santa’s Healthy Wish List

Whether we’ve been naughty or nice, we all wish we could crawl up on Santa’s lap and get our heart’s desire just by telling the Big Guy what we want  So if you were making your Christmas list with an eye on weight loss, what would you include?  Here are a few of our Santa’s List picks: Read More

Protect Your Health with Vitamins C & D

Have you heard there’s a new flu hitting Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas? Don’t let the flu or lack of sunshine drag you down–protect yourself with vitamins C and D. Read More

Merry Christmas from Bogey

Bogey is patiently waiting by the tree, hoping to catch Santa when he comes down the chimney, so you may not get your usual enthusiastic greeting this month. We think he’s dreaming of squeaky toys. Read More

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