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Save on Breakfast To Go


We never know as we write this newsletter whether the first of March will be sunny and warm or shivering cold, but we’re pretty certain how the month will end: with spring flowers and plenty of beautiful days. March lives up to its name by giving us reasons to march ourselves outside and take a walk, so this month we’re bringing you energy-boosting Ener-Boost, a special on breakfast to-go bars and shakes, and savings on Baby Foot so your feet will be ready for the walk. Plus we have a guide to area parks and a chance to win a basket full of PWM snacks just for taking a walk in one of our favorite parks.

Enjoy spring in a few weeks! And when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for your call.

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Take A Walk In A Park

As if spring arriving in March wasn’t reason enough to get outside, somebody also declared March 30th as National Take a Walk In a Park Day. We’ve always wondered who’s in charge of assigning national days of honor but this is certainly one day we approve of, because parks are just plain awesome. All that sunshine, beautiful scenery and a chance to restore the mind and body-what’s not to love? Read More

Change Your Environment

You know certain holidays, situations, foods and emotions are red lights for you, warning you that danger lies ahead. Examine your past behaviors and attitudes toward food. Read More

Power Thru To Spring

Want to lose weight faster?  Adding supplements to your plan can make a big difference, and we were reminded of that reality after talking to an old friend. She’d lost weight with us and looks fabulous, but her only regret was that she didn’t add supplements earlier than she did. The difference with the added supplements was amazing, she says. Read More

Baby Your Feet

Forced heat and dry winter air can be murder on your feet so before you get them moving in the coming warmer days, treat them to Baby Foot. Baby Foot is like a home spa treatment in a box and will renew your feet to youthful softness. Read More

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