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The Best Beginner Biking Paths


The great outdoors and great exercise: What could be better than biking? If you’re new to the two-wheeled world, check out our guide for beginning bikers and our recommendations for some amazing area bike trails. And since June is the month for Father’s Day, we hope you can make biking a family affair. After all, the family that plays together, stays together, and biking can be some serious fun.

Also in this newsletter you’ll find discounts on Baby Foot to keep your feet smooth through sandal season, and savings on Bio-Nutri-Zyme and PWM’s own high-protein pudding. Plus we bring you a recipe for frozen pudding pops so you can put your pudding savings to deliciously cool use.

Happy Father’s Day!  And when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for your call.

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Where to Wheel

Want to work off a pound of fat in a single week? Bike one hour per day.  A 135-pound woman pedaling around 13 mph will use just about 500 calories per hour. That’s 3500 calories in seven days of biking or one pound of weight loss. And since you probably have a bike gathering dust in the garage, beginning your biking routine can be as easy as jumping on and pedaling away. But it will be more fun with a little planning. Read more

Baby Your Feet

Summer can really do a number on your feet so why not treat yourself to Baby Foot? Especially when it’s also perfect for keeping your toes ready for flip flops and strappy sandals. Baby Foot is like a home spa treatment in a box and will renew your feet to youthful softness. Read more

Biking for Beginners

They say you never forget how to ride a bike but your body may beg to differ. Be kind to your muscles and work your way into this fun exercise with these beginner’s tips: Read more

Flatten Your Belly with Bio-Nutri-Zyme

Have you ever wondered why we gain weight as we age? Yes, hormones are partially responsible for reduced metabolism but changes within our digestive system can also affect both weight gain and your belly bulge. Bio-Nutri-Zyme restores your digestive system and populates your system with fat-fighting enzymes so you feel healthy and your belly shrinks to a flatter profile. And that’s not all! Bio-Nutri-Zyme has also been demonstrated to reduce autoimmune disease and even help fight off the common cold. Read more

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