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Recharge for Spring

Greetings! Sure, we’re all shivering now but it’s March, the month the calendar turns to spring, so we’re pretty certain how the month will end: with cheerful flowers and plenty of beautiful days. March lives up to its name by giving us...
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The Once A Year Sale

Greetings! Have you noticed the little black dress in our window?  Fitting into a little dress (or a svelte tuxedo) may be a popular motivation to start a weight loss program but, long after that dress goes out of style, you’ll still...
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How to Survive The Season

Greetings! Shopping, baking, wrapping, decorating, mailing cards….it’s exhausting just making a list of all the things there are to do this season!  Add to that the sadness some of us feel as the days get shorter and it’s easy to see why...
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