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Save on Hot Soup!

Greetings! Did you see how many beads we collected last month? Each bead represents a pound lost and a dollar for breast cancer research. Find out how much you helped us raise below. Since November is Diabetes Awareness Month, this month we...
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Make A Change For The Better

Greetings! After decades of watching thousands of our favorite people transform into fit, healthy, more confident versions of their wonderful selves, a big change is coming to Professional Weight Management as well. And we hope you find it as exciting as we...
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Stay Calm and Chill On

Greetings! Is it hot enough for you? Record temperatures can drain away energy but we have some tips to help you chill out this month.  Below you’ll find our guide to swimming for exercise and a summer plan to stay motivated. We...
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How to Eat Out

Greetings! Have you noticed that your favorite chain restaurant now posts calorie counts? We tell you why in this newsletter, plus we give you some quick tips on eating out without busting your diet and we bring you a coupon for $1.50...
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