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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Have you or your loved ones scheduled an annual mammogram?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month at PWM


Have you or your loved ones scheduled an annual mammogram?  Breast cancer survival is a cause near and dear to the hearts of everyone here at Professional Weight Management, especially after our beloved Glenda became a brave survivor, and we want to do our part to fight this terrible disease during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So for every pound you lose, we invite you to add a glass bead to our hope jar. At the end of October, we’ll donate a dollar to BCA for every bead collected up to $1000 dollars. Let’s all work together to fill the jar with beads!

In this month’s newsletter you’ll find a special offer on our Body Composition Analysis (a great way to monitor your health) and, since October is also the month for pumpkins, we bring you Buy 2/Get 1 savings on our low calorie/high protein cheesecake and a recipe to use it in our all-time favorite Pumpkin Mousse.  Plus we have a guide to controlling your cancer risk and a reminder that it’s easier getting healthy with a friend.

We hope you have a healthy October. And when you’re ready, we’ll be waiting for your call.

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Empower Yourself Against Cancer

It’s a scary word: cancer. But the good news is that more and more people are surviving cancer and thriving. Look at our own Glenda, who won her battle with breast cancer years ago and is now enjoying her semi-retirement with her three adorable poodles, an equally adorable husband (you can tell him we called him that) and a garden full of beautiful blooms. Life is good when you take care of yourself. Read More

Body Composition Analysis Special

Once is not enough when it comes to analyzing your body composition. While you probably had your body fat levels, metabolic rate and hydration levels tested when you began your Professional Weight Management program, if you’re halfway through a plan then your composition has probably changed. Failing to update your body composition analysis can lead to weight loss plateaus and a more difficult struggle to achieve your ideal weight. Read More

It’s Better Losing With Two

Shout out to Connie, who is amazing not only because she lost 32 pounds with us but also because she’s been hitting the trails, going floating and living an all-around awesome life. If you ask her, she’d tell you a big part of her motivation is the same good friend who recommended Professional Weight Management to her. Friends really are the best, aren’t they? Read More

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