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Hit the Trails!

If April showers bring May flowers, then we should be in for a gorgeous month! Dig out your walking shoes, hit the trails and smell the roses on the way. This newsletter is packed with energy boosters to keep your body moving, starting with our top 10 reasons why walking may be the perfect exercise. Having trouble getting your feet going? Maybe you need better hydration–we bring you a Buy3/Get 1 coupon for healthy, fruity drinks below. Or maybe your B-12 could use a boost–we also bring you special savings on B-12 injections all month long.

With all that walking ahead of you, you’ll want something fast and healthy for dinner so we’ve selected a fabulous recipe from the NEW 3rd edition of our cookbook to sneak preview here.

Happy Mother’s Day! And when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for your call.

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10 Reasons Walking is Wonderful!

Have you ever been SO excited to start an exercise routine, just to get bored with it after a few short weeks? Maybe it required a long drive to a gym or created a pile of dirty work-out clothes or maybe it was just too hard. The great news about walking is you’re already doing it every day and we think that’s reason #1 why walking is the perfect exercise. Here are nine more reasons why Walking is Wonderful: Read More

Baby Your Feet

Walking can do a number on your feet so why not treat yourself to Baby Foot? Especially when it’s also perfect for prepping your toes for sandal season. Baby Foot is like a home spa treatment in a box and will renew your feet to youthful softness. Try it this month at May $5 off savings. Read More

Stay Hydrated for Energy

It’s a fact: When your body dries out, your energy dries up. Stay hydrated with Professional Weight Management’s fruity drinks, and since you’ll want plenty on hand to grab as you head out the door, we’re offering them this month at Buy 3/Get 1 savings. Read More

What’s Cooking? New Recipes Are Here.

One of the things people love about their Professional Weight Management plan is that they eat real food, not pre-packaged menus, but it can sometimes be hard to find new recipes that fit your individual plan. That’s why we created our very own cookbook with low-fat, low-calorie, low-sodium and high-protein recipes perfectly balanced for PWM plans and also perfectly delicious. Which was wonderful until we sold out of our cookbooks, but great news–the NEW 3rd Edition Cookbook is here! Read More

Bee Active with B-12

Does stress have you dragging? Or do you just want more energy to enjoy outdoor activities in the lovely spring weather? Restore your energy and increase metabolism with B12 injections, on special this month at Buy 5/Get 2 Free savings. That’s a savings of $40! Read More

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