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Make A Change For The Better


Make A Change For The Better


After decades of watching thousands of our favorite people transform into fit, healthy, more confident versions of their wonderful selves, a big change is coming to Professional Weight Management as well. And we hope you find it as exciting as we do.

We have a new owner/manager! Most of you know Tammi, our longtime office manager and top consultant, but you may not have known that Tammi was waiting patiently for the time I finally meant it when I promised to retire. That time is now.

I’m thrilled to know your weight loss will be entrusted to someone who has always placed the patient’s health and welfare first. Tammi truly cares about each of you and is as excited as I am when someone loses 10, 20 or even 100 pounds and loves the way he or she looks and feels. I’m also thrilled that Tammi has invited me to remain on a semi-retirement basis, so I’ll still get to meet most of our newcomers, share your journeys and celebrate your success.

If you feel like congratulating Tammi the next time you see her, I know she would appreciate it. She has many exhausting, exhilarating and wonderfully rewarding years ahead of her here and she is more thankful for your support than either of us could ever say.

Have a wonderful September and watch for a note from Tammi instead of me in next month’s newsletter. And in the meantime, when you’re ready, we’ll be waiting for your call.

Springfield: 417-882-8636
Branson:  417-348-1118

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