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Pamper Yourself For Free


Pamper Yourself For Free


Hallmark may not have a card for it but we’ve officially declared September as the Month of You.  And why not?  With the kids back in school, you finally have some “Me Time” to pamper yourself and we’ve found some great FREE ways to indulge yourself a little. Plus this month you’ll find September savings on Pro-Zyme (a terrific supplement to smooth your belly bulge), a coupon for crispy high-protein chips, and a super easy Cabbage Chili Crock Pot recipe that’s full of flavor and low on calories.

Have a wonderful September. And when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for your call.

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Pamper Yourself For Free

Breathe. Summer vacations are done–so no more packing, unpacking and running after planes. The kids are back in school–so no more chauffeuring them to the pool, the baseball field or the mall. And even the Summer Olympics are over-so there’s no pressure to juggle five channels and hundreds of hours of volleyball, archery and synchronized swimming. At last there’s five minutes leftover in the day to focus only on YOU! Read More

Soothe and Flatten Your Belly with Pro-Zyme

Have you ever wondered why we gain weight as we age? Yes, hormones are partially responsible for reduced metabolism but changes within our digestive system can also affect both weight gain and your belly bulge. Pro-Zyme restores your digestive system and populates your system with fat-fighting enzymes so you feel healthy and your belly shrinks to a flatter profile. And that’s not all! Pro-Zyme has also been demonstrated to reduce autoimmune disease and even help fight off the common cold. Read More

September Coupon:  Crispy Chips!

With the network television starting a new season and NFL football returning, putting a remote control in one hand may be irresistible but there’s no reason to put high calorie snacks in the other. Reach for PWM’s high-protein chips instead! Read more

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