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Weight loss consultant


I started with Professional Weight Management as a client in January of 2013. Like many others I was tired of being tired and feeling that I was not at my best.

The program was easy for me to follow and when the weight began coming off consistently every week I started feeling like myself again. As a client, I really enjoyed meeting with the consultants every week in a one on one setting! The weekly encouragement was just what I needed and I’m happy to say I have kept the 20 pounds off for 2 years!

My professional background was in management and customer service. After retiring to care for my grandson a two days a week, I decided it was time to find a career where I could truly use my gift of encouragement. Luckily Professional Weight Management was needing a consultant and I was blessed with the opportunity to fill the position.

Seeing our clients improve their health, confidence levels and appearance as they begin to reach their weight loss goals is so rewarding. My focus is on providing guidance, motivation, challenges and accountability during their office visits to assist them in their journey to a lifestyle of healthy eating.

Our weight loss program is a realistic way to make a lifestyle change to not only lose the weight but also keep the weight off with our stabilization and maintenance system.

I feel very blessed to work with such an awesome and caring group of ladies who all love to celebrate the success of our clients.