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Weight Loss Consultant

I have been a Certified Medical Assistant since May 2006 and have had so many amazing opportunities in my healthcare career. Working in the Cox clinics float pool allowed me to gain experience in family care as well as acquire knowledge within multiple specialty clinics. I’ve also assisted with wellness programs and recently taught Medical Assisting at two local colleges.

In May 2015, I was fortunately presented with the opportunity to be a counselor for Professional Weight Management. What better job is there than to be helping people look and feel beautiful inside and out? I myself have had personal struggles with weight loss. I had been small all my life until we moved to Springfield, MO in the Fall of 2004. Starting a new life, new school, and new jobs was enough but I was also miles away from my family and friends. I was sad and I overindulged and comforted myself with food. Before I knew it, my 4’11’’ frame was carrying around an extra 40 pounds! I felt defeated and out of control. Thankfully, with the support of my family, I was able to lose the weight. I finally felt like myself again and knew the person staring back at me in the mirror. I was ME again!

Sure, I have had some setbacks and have gained a little of the weight back. Professional Weight Management put a plan together for me to lose some of the weight that has returned and I love the program! The snacks taste amazing and keep me from being hungry or feeling deprived. I would recommend Professional Weight Management to anyone not just because I work here, but because I know how wonderful and kind my fellow counselors are and I know our programs truly do work!

My hope is that I can facilitate the same life-changing transformation for someone else. I truly love my job and I look forward to it everyday. I believe my calling is empowering and encouraging others to achieve their goals and excel further than they ever knew possible. I’m super blessed and I can’t imagine doing anything else.