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Plan for Success in 2019


Plan for Success in 2019


Odds are your New Years resolutions will include a commitment to spend more time with friends and family. Each year more than 50% of those polled add that goal to their list and we couldn’t think of a finer way to improve your life. So why not invite your loved ones to join you in your weight loss program?  It’s a great way to bond and we’ll even give you a bonus for inviting your loved ones to Professional Weight Management (details below).

Also in this newsletter we bring you some great tips to help you achieve your New Years resolution, a celebration of supportive family, and a delicious recipe for Cabbage Chili. Plus you’ll save money with coupons for our fat-busting Lipo-Thin and PWM Shakes.

Have a healthy January. And when you’re ready, we’ll be waiting for your call.

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Lose More With A Friend (and earn a bonus!)

You’re never alone when you diet with Professional Weight Management as our consultants are always there with a great tip or a word of encouragement, but starting your program with a friend or relative at your side can be just the extra boost you need. Read More

Supportive Friends & Family Deserve Our Thanks!

We love to celebrate success at Professional Weight Management, and, to be fair, it’s easier to focus on the the ones meeting with our consultants, weighing in and working hard at getting fit and healthy. After all, we see you every week. But for every one of you who reached your goal, there’s likely a spouse or friend who encouraged you with a quick compliment or a pat on the back and deserves our celebration as well. Read More

Recover From Holiday Weight Gain

If you’ve resolved to lose weight this year, give your resolution a head start with Lipo-Thin, our metabolism boosting supplement that loves fat so much that it eats it up. How does it do it? By helping the liver metabolize fats and remove them from the bloodstream before they hit your thighs. Read More

How To Stick To Your Resolution

Four out of five people won’t complete their New Year’s resolution.  Worse, a third won’t last the month of January.  The top two excuses?  Having too many other things to do (40%) and lack of real commitment (33%). Here are some tips to beat the odds: Read More

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