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PWM Journey – Bea

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Journey Detail

“Over the years, I have probably tried most of the different diet plans, but have never had the success with any of them like I have had with this plan (in fact, with some other plans I actually gained instead of lost the weight). I like the fact that, for the most part, I eat regular food – so that I can prepare it to my taste buds; plus, their snacks are excellent. I like the one-on-one counseling, & all the counselors are great & so encouraging. I like the fact that it is designed around my lifestyle; so that this has been a livable lifestyle change & not just another diet. In trying to lose the weight before, on my own, I was starving myself, which caused my body to hold onto everything I ate; so it didn’t work. I am eating throughout the day now; so I don’t feel deprived. True, I have had some gains along with the losses & have hit plateaus; but this is where the one-on-one counseling has helped — to make adjustments where necessary. It has been slow, but that is the best way to go – slow & steady wins the race, as they say. I would highly recommend this plan for anybody.”