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PWM Journey – Suzanne

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Journey Detail

My yearlong journey with PWM has been magical, and I realize now meant to be. I have struggled with my weight much of my adult life, and like many others, I have tried everything! That constant struggle mentally that goes right along with this has been my biggest hurdle. I had fooled myself for years somehow accepting being overweight because I luckily have had no health issues, always drank lots of water, always very active (walking, yoga and tennis) but always maintaining my heavy weight.

I cannot tell you why or how Glenda’s radio ad “spoke to me” but I was just ready to make that phone call…and I did. From my very first meeting at PWM I was ready to go and have not looked back, and now still surprised but so proud of myself for taking that first step.

The program I followed was very strict in just what I could and could not eat but yet seemed tailor-made for me. I needed that structure and control along with the weekly meeting, especially that wonderful support and encouragement. Anyone with weight issues can tell you that facing that scale weekly can be daunting, yet the terrific  staff and following the plan actually turned it into a great weekly event. I was personally amazed at how quickly my mindset changed to being very positive and proud of myself. I learned very quickly that “I can do this”!

Eating protein throughout my day and not turning to carb high comfort food was what my body needed, who knew?? Controlled eating more instead of starving myself to lose weight, was such a new concept to me. Just giving the program a chance and not listening to those little voices telling me it was OK to eat something else because I deserved a treat even disappeared.

Yes, I was so ready and just became more and more psyched as the pounds began to come off. I was hooked. Realizing how truly “you are what your eat” had finally made sense along with the fact that I could change my eating and enjoy eating without feeling that old diet guilt has been amazing. Now following a maintenance program and being the one in-charge has just changed my life around, my mindset and sense of finally taking control after all these years is mind-boggling. A true sense of self worth. It really has been a magical journey.

My best words of advice…give yourself a chance, YOU can do this! I did.