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Quick Tips for Fast Food on a Diet


Quick Tips for Fast Food on a Diet


Good for you! Now that spring is here and the sun is (mostly) shining, we’re hearing lots of stories of long walks and bike rides and we’re thrilled you’re out there moving your body. But sometimes it takes a little extra energy to stay active, so this month we have specials and tips for the active person. And since May is the month we celebrate mothers, we’re also reminding you about our referral bonus so you can both become healthy.

Have a happy Mother’s Day and a wonderful May. And when you’re ready, we’ll be waiting for your call.

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Fast Food Quick Tips

Eat fast with no regrets with these nifty tricks:

Double Your Value on the Value Meals: Fast food servings are often big enough to make two meals, so if you’re eating on the run to someplace with a fridge, then split up your meal. Place half the burger and fries or half the broccoli chicken in the fridge for tonight’s dinner or tomorrow’s lunch. Just don’t microwave the fries as they’re much better when reheated in the oven. Read More

Lose Weight With Your Mom (or anybody you like)

Is your mom your best friend? Then why not invite her to get healthy with you. It’s easier losing weight with a friend and you’ll both earn a Referral Appreciation Bonus: Read More

May Special: Ulta-Me Tabs

If the spring sun and warming days have you dragging, don’t skip your midday walk–reach for Ultra Me-Tabs instead! The reason this supplement boosts your energy is simple: Ultra Me-Tabs ensures you receive adequate supplies of vital minerals and provides well-tested natural energy sources. Ultra-Me Tabs is one of our most popular supplements because it delivers a carefully crafted blend of powerful minerals. Read More

Recipe:  Chicken and Asparagus

Hit the produce aisle for fresh asparagus and summer squash for this colorful dinner. Skinless chicken thighs add flavorful protein and cook up fast, making this a quick and easy family favorite. Read More

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