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Recharge for Spring


Recharge for Spring


Sure, we’re all shivering now but it’s March, the month the calendar turns to spring, so we’re pretty certain how the month will end: with cheerful flowers and plenty of beautiful days. March lives up to its name by giving us reasons to march ourselves outside and take a walk, so this month we’re bringing you a special on sugar and energy balancing Pro-Balance and a special on PWM cookies. Plus we have a guide to area parks and some pro tips on avoiding the temptation to overeat.

Enjoy spring in a few weeks! And when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for your call.

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Take A Walk In A Park
As if spring arriving in March wasn’t reason enough to get outside, somebody also declared March 30th as National Take a Walk In a Park Day. We’ve always wondered who’s in charge of assigning national days of honor but this is certainly one day we approve of, because parks are just plain awesome. All that sunshine, beautiful scenery and a chance to restore the mind and body-what’s not to love? Plan a visit to one of our favorite parks and get yourself moving in the Ozarks outdoors. Read More

Change Your Environment to Change Your Weight
The calendar may say spring is only weeks away, but some of us are still struggling with a holiday sweets hangover. (Word of warning: Easter baskets are only weeks away too!). If the holiday calendar is just one of the situational stumbling blocks tripping up your weight loss plan, take heart–we have a handy list of tips to help you power through the toughest situations. Read More

Balance Your Sugar Like a Pro
Whether your glucose levels are high or you want to keep them low, it’s always an excellent idea to control blood sugar. In addition to reducing your risk of developing diabetes, balancing your blood sugar will also help you curb cravings and resist those Easter goodies. Read More

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