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Save on Hot Soup!


Save on Hot Soup!


Did you see how many beads we collected last month? Each bead represents a pound lost and a dollar for breast cancer research. Find out how much you helped us raise below.

Since November is Diabetes Awareness Month, this month we bring you a guide to fighting diabetes and savings on Carbo-Tab, an excellent supplement to control blood sugar. Plus you’ll find a coupon for our delicious soup and bread and a wonderful recipe for Vegetable Soup.

We hope you have a healthy November and a Thanksgiving filled with love. And when you’re ready, we’ll be waiting for your call.

Springfield: 417-882-8636
Branson:  417-348-1118

How Many Pounds Lost for BCA?

Did you schedule your annual mammogram during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month? If not, do it right after we announce the great news about how much YOU helped PWM raise for BCA. As you know, last month we were adding a bead to the bowl for every pound lost and each bead became a dollar for breast cancer research and support. Read More

A PWM Guide to Controlling Diabetes

Even fit, healthy adults can develop diabetes but the risk is greatly reduced if you follow a lifestyle designed to keep your blood sugar in balance. Follow these guidelines for reduced diabetes risk, and be sure you to get an annual blood test to monitor your glucose levels. Read More

Be Happy Not SAD

If you’re like many of us, you’re at work by 8am and you don’t leave work until 5pm, meaning your opportunity to soak in healthy sunlight is limited at best, and, when coupled with this week’s change away from daylight saving time, your chance to soak in the sun becomes practically non-existent. No wonder seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects so many people in the Ozarks. Read More

Balance Your Blood Sugar Like A Pro

Whether your glucose levels are high or you want to keep them low, it’s always an excellent idea to control blood sugar. In addition to reducing your risk of developing diabetes, balancing your blood sugar will also help you curb cravings and resist those holiday goodies. Read More

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