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Show Yourself Some Love

When Losing Weight Can Harm Your Heart

Show Yourself Some Love

February is the month many of us start dreaming of spring break, but while getting thin for an upcoming vacation may be a popular motivation to start a weight loss program, long after that event you’ll still be reaping the benefits of a healthier heart. And since February is also Heart Month it’s the perfect time to get some tips from the American Heart Association.
This month we also bring you two heart-healthy dip recipes, savings on our own PWM chips, and Valentine’s Day tips to fill your heart with love. Have a wonderful February. And when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for your call.

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Tips & News from The American Heart Association
There is a ton of great information at the American Heart Association’s (AHA) website. Like this tip: Did you know living with a dog can help lower your blood pressure? Read about it here and adopt your new best friend at the Springfield-Greene County Humane Society or the Tri-Lakes Humane Society. And check out three-month-old Jerald in the story below–oh, those eyes! Read More
Fill Your Healthy Heart with Love
Some of us are lucky enough to find our soulmate and live a lifetime of bliss–but most of us aren’t. Relationships are almost always a struggle and even those we love the most can drive us absolutely crazy. Still, human connection is as basic a need as food and water. We crave it and the quality of those connections affect our health and our weight loss journey. Read More