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Stabilization and Maintenance


Client focus and attention to the program brings great success inStabilization & Maintenance achieving healthy weight loss goal. It is necessary to continue compliance and dedication to the program as we begin stabilization. Attention to detail will provide clear results of the effect of each food group as it is added back into the diet. This period of stabilization will provide the information needed to compile the all food maintenance plan. This phase is a precise and systematic monitoring of caloric expenditure vs. intake.


Together with the client we will now embark on the final phase of the weight loss program. Maintenance is designed to assure that what has been learned becomes a permanent part of the client’s new lifestyle. Careful monitoring during the maintenance phase of the program will do just that. Professional Weight Management’s maintenance plan is designed to ensure that the client can maintain their goal and requires that the client stay within a 5 pound range of their goal weight during the next 12 months. After performing another Body Composition Analysis (to obtain the individuals current metabolic rate) we advance to a caloric based diet with more available food choices. During the next 12 months we continue to monitor the client’s maintenance plan (weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly) in accordance with their needs and scheduling convenience. Without a successful maintenance program, statistics prove most dieters regain their lost weight within six months. We want to ensure our clients enjoy a lifetime of good health and great eating.

Professional Weight Management will be here for the client as they begin their weight loss journey and will still be here to congratulate our many successful individuals as they reach their health and weight loss goals.

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