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Stay Calm and Chill On

Is it hot enough for you?

Stay Calm and Chill On


Is it hot enough for you? Record temperatures can drain away energy but we have some tips to help you chill out this month.  Below you’ll find our guide to swimming for exercise and a summer plan to stay motivated. We also bring you savings on belly-smoothing Bio-Nutri-Zyme and crisp and crunchy, high-protein chips. Plus we have a healthy Chicken Fajita recipe perfect for keeping the heat out of the kitchen and on the outdoor grill where it belongs.

Happy Independence Day and have a wonderful July.  And when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for your call.

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Swimming:  Cool Off & Lose

If you think it’s too hot for your evening walk, why not try swimming instead? Whether you head for your backyard pool or the community center, you’ll get some great exercise while cooling down after a busy summer day. Read More

Smooth Belly. Smooth Savings.

Have you ever wondered why we gain weight as we age? Yes, hormones are partially responsible for reduced metabolism but changes within our digestive system can also affect both weight gain and your belly bulge.Read More

Summer Motivation Guide

Hot temperatures are enough to wilt the determination of even the most dedicated walker. Throw in the siren song of the ice cream truck, kids wanting to go to the pool, and a Netflix binge calling you to the sofa, and it’s easy to see how summer can be brutal to a diet. But no worries, because we have your Summer Motivation Guide right here. And it all starts with avoiding procrastination. Read More

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