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Our Testimonials

Testimonials from Professional Weight Management Clients | Branson - Springfield, MO

I was at a point where I was just desperate for help. I felt like I wasn’t really living. I decided to make a change and finally do it. I chose Professional Weight Management because Glenda is real, just the warmest and friendliest staff and they really do care. And they didn’t judge me; I felt like I wasn’t on my own. I’ve lost 30 pounds and my whole life is better. For those who’ve tried it on their own and they keep failing, that’s where I was. And I would say time is precious and just to get in and get it done.

Sara, Lost 30 pounds

I’ve been real weight conscious all my life but lately with age I started gaining weight. I was driving to work one morning and I was wearing my fat pants and they were tight and I just said, “Enough is enough and I think I need some help.” I’ve tried other plans, you know I kind of feel like I’m the diet queen because if there’s a diet out there I’ve been on it. This one really has been the only one I’ve been on that I’ve stuck with. It’s a great program, it’s user-friendly. They are so supportive here at Professional Weight Management and really positive. I’ve lost 35 pounds and I gave my fat pants away!

Kim, Lost 35 pounds

I wanted to lose weight for my job. I would recommend coming and talking to Glenda, that’s the first step, just call, sit down and talk to her. There’s no obligation, you don’t have to put money down, you just walk in the office, sit down and talk with her and then you decide what you want to do. They don’t just go off a specific diet that’s supposed to work for everybody, they take in how your body and how your BMI and how everything works and they plan something specific to how your body works. If you are having issues losing weight and you’ve been trying the normal diets, come in. You’re going to be thankful you did it.

Charlie, Lost 15 pounds

I knew for awhile that I needed to lose weight and my son had proposed, and I just told my husband I would not show up at the wedding looking the way I looked now. Probably about 4 or 5 years ago I lost about 20 pounds and I hit a plateau. You know I just went into it knowing that when I hit the plateau that they were going to help me. And it did happen, and they worked with me, and it would kick me back to losing again. You have to decide if you’re going to be someone who says “I wish I would have” or “I’m glad I did.” I lost 65 pounds and so it was a lot easier shopping for my mother-of-the-groom dress.

Charlene, Lost 65 pounds

I don’t call it a diet; it’s a lifestyle change. The staff is great. They welcome you every time you come, they act like they’ve known you forever and they’re interested in your success stories and it works. It’s a good program; I’ve had great success. I’ve changed four sizes, and I’ve changed my image of myself. The compliments I’ve received just give me a better feeling about myself. My mother actually told my husband that Cathy is the smallest she’s ever been that I can remember and I said, “Yes, I am!

Cathy, Lost 42 pounds

I was tired of the up and down, up and down. I’d been on a lot of plans and they weren’t sticking with me. I’d seen four of my friends go through Professional Weight Management and they’d had wonderful success, and so I decided this is it. The personalized attention was amazing. Consultations are key with me; every single week I’d take away something and I’d always learn something. Losing weight wasn’t difficult—I just do it. I don’t have to think about food anymore, I just eat and I lose. It’s wonderful!

Cathy, Lost 38 pounds

It took me about three months to lose 34 pounds. They care about you. You can tell the people that are actually doing the consultations have been there and they know how to lose the weight and they know what it takes. It’s very easy. The foods they give you are regular foods so you don’t have anything special you have to buy.

Angela, Lost 34 pounds

We had been talking about losing weight and I heard the commercial, actually popped in on the spot. Decided on the spot that was the program for us. We were both on high blood pressure, we had a new grand-baby, We wanted to improve our overall health. I’ve been very pleased with the results. The doctor took me off of the blood pressure medicine. I made that goal. They are what their business says: Professionals.


It’s been two years now and I am probably in the best shape of my life; I really am. My lifestyle has changed drastically. What allowed it is coming into Professional Weight Management. Two years ago if somebody told me I was going to run a 25K race I would have laughed at them and thought they were crazy. You don’t lose it all in a day; you don’t lose it all in a week. I started out at I believe 138 and got down to 107, I want to say. It doesn’t matter, but you have to start somewhere. And believe me, my theory now is, I’m worth it. And so are you. But you have to make the call.


I’d become way overweight and got to where I couldn’t walk without my knees going out on me. Then it got to where I didn’t even want to get out of the office and my son told me I had to get up and get to doing something, I was too young to be like this. I had a friend who joined about two months before me. He was so excited about the program that he said, “Man, you have to do something”. That’s when I came over here weighing 233. Last week I was at 206 and I think in another three or four weeks I’ll be ready to go on the maintenance program. I will have lost somewhere around 50-55 pounds. I have enjoyed it and it pretty much saved my life.


Professional Weight Management’s staff gave me the support and encouragement I needed, especially Glenda, who casts a “magic spell” of love and affirmation! The weight came off so easily, I didn’t feel deprived and I was able to get my cholesterol under control. You have nothing to lose but pounds!