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The Once A Year Sale


The Once A Year Sale


Have you noticed the little black dress in our window?  Fitting into a little dress (or a svelte tuxedo) may be a popular motivation to start a weight loss program but, long after that dress goes out of style, you’ll still be reaping the benefits of a healthier heart. And since February is Heart Month, it’s the perfect time for Ten Tips for a Healthier Heart. Find them here in this newsletter.

This month we also bring you two heart-healthy dip recipes, savings on our own PWM Vitamin D, and a coupon for hot cocoa to enjoy on a cold winter night.

Have a wonderful February.  And when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for your call.

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10 Tips for a Healthy Heart
Do you know your blood pressure numbers?  Or your resting pulse rate?  Knowing your numbers is a great first step, but understanding how to keep them low is even better. And achieving your ideal numbers?  Priceless.  See how many of our 10 Tips for a Healthy Heart you’re using to keep your heart in great shape. Read More

Buy 10 Weeks/Get 5 Weeks Free
Are you ready to restart a weight loss program? Or maybe you have a friend who is finally ready to lose? Good news, because Professional Weight Management only has one Weekly Visit Special each year and February is the month to save! Through 2/28, start a new Professional Weight Management program or restart a previous plan and buy 10 consecutive weeks to get 5 weeks free. Read More

Blast Away The Flu With Vitamin D
Tired of wintry skies? If you’re missing out on the sun’s natural dose of Vitamin D, then you’re also at a higher risk of catching the flu. Plus your ability to regulate hormones will be compromised, which impacts your ability to burn up body fat. And did we mention that research has shown Vitamin D is an important vitamin for good heart health? Read More

How to Eat Out: Salads & Savings at Whole Hog Cafe
If you’re following a Professional Weight Management weight loss plan (and especially if you have a copy of our PWM Cookbook) then it’s easy to know how to eat healthy in your own kitchen, but the choices are tougher when you’re eating out. Restaurant entrees are typically filled with tasty fat, salt and sugar but there are nearly always nutritional gems hidden on the menus. Read More

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