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The Truth About Fads


The Truth About Fads


It’s almost spring so can another fad diet be far behind? They pop up every year around this time, probably because the clothes become more revealing as the season warms up and skin looks better thin. We’ve always preached against fad diets, but don’t take our word for it–read the advice we’ve reprinted in our newsletter, from a nationally-known dietitian.

Also in the newsletter, you’ll find March special savings on Vitamins C & D, a recipe for delicious slow cooker salsa chicken, and a coupon for hot cocoa that won’t keep you from fitting into the new spring fashions.

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The Truth About Fads

We’ve all heard of some truly weird diets: the Tapeworm Diet, the All-Twinkie Diet, the Sleeping Beauty Diet. You haven’t heard of the Sleeping Beauty Diet?  That diet keeps you out of the fridge by sending you to bed 24/7, effectively combining starvation with a total lack of exercise. Obviously, that’s a non-starter, but how do you separate the rest of the bad fads from a healthy plan? recently interviewed nutritionist Rene Ficek to find out which plans work and which plans are either dangerous or counter-productive (or both).  Here’s what the nutritionist had to say: READ MORE