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10 Tips for Heart Health

Have you noticed the new cruise theme in our window?

10 Tips for Heart Health


Have you noticed the new cruise theme in our window?  Fitting into a little dress (or a svelte tuxedo) on a Caribbean cruise may be a great motivation to start a weight loss program, but long after that cruise ends you’ll still be reaping the benefits of a healthier heart. And since February is Heart Month, it’s the perfect time for Ten Tips for a Healthier Heart. Find them here in this newsletter.
This month we also bring you two heart-healthy dip recipes, once-a-year 33% savings on weekly visits for new starts and restarts, an invitation to join us at the KGBX Women’s Show and $5 savings on flattening your belly from the inside-out.
Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. And when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for your call.

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10 Tips for a Healthy Heart

Do you know your blood pressure numbers?  Or your resting pulse rate?  Knowing your numbers is a great first step, but understanding how to keep them low is even better. And achieving your ideal numbers?  Priceless. See how many of our 10 Tips for a Healthy Heart you’re using to keep your heart in great shape. Read More

Yummy & New

Sure you have your favorite PWM high-protein snacks, but it’s always wonderful to tempt your taste buds with a new flavor and this month we have some wonderful new additions to our healthy food selections. Have you tried them yet? Read More

Flatten from the Inside Out: Bio-Nutri-Zyme

Have you ever wondered why we gain weight as we age? Yes, hormones are partially responsible for reduced metabolism but changes within our digestive system can also affect both weight gain and your belly bulge. Bio-Nutri-Zyme restores your digestive system and populates your system with fat-fighting enzymes so you feel healthy and your belly shrinks to a flatter profile. Read More

Offer Your Friend A Sweetheart Deal

There are a lot of benefits to recommending Professional Weight Management to a friend. On the new sign-up, you’ll earn $25 off the product of your choice and your friend will earn $25 off the program. Read More

Find Us at the Women’s Show

We wouldn’t miss this one for the world! Join us at the Ozark Empire Fairground E-Plex Saturday, February 17th for the 2018 KGBX Women’s Show. Hours are 8am to 5pm and the day is jam-packed with fashion, shopping, sampling, pampering, live entertainment, cooking demonstrations and more. Tickets are $6 at the door and children under 6 are free. Read More

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